How do I update FVTT version?

I understand 0.7.9 is the “current” version but the version i see in my Forge account is 0.7.8. How do I get the most recent version?

Pop on over to the Discord: And tag me, easier to explain there.

I’ve been trying to go to discord server, but this is what i get when i follow your links

That is weird and incorrect, we’ve had huge numbers use that without issue.

Try this:

Same issue with thank link. I’ve never had any problems with discord links b4. idk

i think i figured it out. there’s landing page on my desktop version of discord that i haven’t accepted yet. i’m trying to enter via web browser atm

Try the app instead of web? I’m not sure.

Should be as simple as going here: and setting your FoundryVTT version to 0.7.9 instead of 0.7.8.

If you’re using Game Manager, you have to check all your worlds, though it’s easier to set them to “Default Version” and have it controlled by the over-arching Game Manager setting.