How do I recover my Game URL?

I got frustrated with attempting to fix a bug (the Token Color Marker’s color markers were not displaying correctly) and so I deleted my whole game world (with the intent to recreate it from scratch) in an attempt to clear the bug.

However, when I recreated my game world and changed the new game world’s Game URL to match that of the old one, I get a popup saying “URL already taken.” How do I recover my old URL for my new world?

It’s important that this gets fixed as I have a lot of players who won’t be able to access the game otherwise.

It should be recoverable within the a day by my knowledge.

@phi would you confirm?

It should be instant, if you check in your list of games it’s possible that there is another game that uses that same URL. Check each of them and make sure that the old one has actually been removed.

Yes, I thought so too. But now it’s the next day and I don’t see any of my deleted games. None at all. There don’t appear to be any save points either. Could this be because I’m still in the trial period? Is that not a feature I can take advantage of until my first WorldBuilder payment?

What’s more, neither of my two current games have the old URL that is “in use.”

EDIT: Some save points have appeared and I have restored the world. Oddly enough, the glitch that started this whole fuss appears to be fixed in the restoration and has been replaced with a whole new glitch.

The URL still appears to be wrong too. :thinking:


Setting the game URL is instant.
I see two possibilities here for it to say the URL is already taken:
1- If your URL was from before you enabled the Game Manager, it would still be reserved for your “foundry table” and can’t be used for any “world game”. You can disable the Game Manager, see if the URL is used by that game, then re-enable the Game Manager feature. (Basically, there is a hidden ‘game’ for your Foundry VTT server that is only visible/accessible with the Game Manager disabled, and when it’s disabled, all your “one url per world” games still exist and have their urls assigned to them but are also hidden)
2 - It might be that someone else have set their game to that same URL while your game was deleted. If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you can share what the game URL is here, I can have a quick look and confirm to you what is happening.
I hope that helps.

Thank you, kakaroto! It appears to have been due to activating Game Manager. You really saved me a lot of needless headache.

Awesome, glad you got it resolved! :partying_face:

Note by the way that your players will need to be reinvited into the game with the game manager enabled, even if you change the URL to match, the invites are on a per-game basis.