How do I make a webp tile transparent but also 'detectable'

Hey all, not sure about the exact terminology but trying to see if there’s a workaround for a problem I’m having. Couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to post this Q so apologies if this aint it.

I’m trying to build a town battlemap using Levels, perfect vision, wall height etc. Many of my buildings are 2 stories, with the 2nd story taking up a smaller portion of the building than the 1st story. As below:

Initially I had cut out the roof in segments, having the literal ‘roof’ (i.e. shingles) of each floor marked as ‘Roof’ in Levels, with infinite height. This allows tokens outside the building to see the roofs of the 1st and 2nd stories together

The problem comes when the token enters the building, as when it’s only standing under the 1st floor roof, but not directly under the portion of the building covered by the 2nd floor roof, its vision of the first floor remains obscured by that 2nd floor roof

I initially worked around this by stitching the 1st floor roof to the 2nd floor roof in a single tile and layering it over the entire building, so that when a token is under any part of it, the entire thing fades leaving an unobscured view of the floor(s) below. Good - Great

Now I’m trying to enable a really dynamic battlemap, where characters can jump out of 2nd story windows right onto the adjoining roofs and fire at and be fired at by characters standing in the street below. While using the aforementioned workaround, I’ve essentially created two stacked layers of the same 1st floor roof image. One that can be seen through the adjoining windows and is set at its ‘true’ height of 10ft - and another that’s part of the full roof image, layered on top at 20ft → infinity so that it registers as a roof and can be seen from the street below.

Unfortunately what that means is if a token is placed on the 1st floor roof (at 10ft.) then while it can be seen by characters standing in those 2nd floor rooms looking out their windows, it can’t be seen by characters standing on the street, as their vision becomes obscured by the roof image layered on top of them at the Levels height of 20ft.

Can I have my cake and eat it too? I guess I’m wondering if there’s a way to create a section of transparent space in my webps that is still ‘…detectable(?)’ when tokens walk under it so that it fades the entire tile to reveal the floor underneath. Or maybe there’s another function to Levels that will help with this that I’m not grokking.

Thanks for reading this far. I know I’m not using the proper language throughout most of this so if I can clarify the problem at all pls lmk.

Posted this question to ripper93’s discord and got a resolution!

Use the Occlusion Link feature of better roofs - will cause one tile to fade when a token walks under a linked tile

Awesome! Glad you found a solution, and thanks for sharing it here!