How do I drag and drop files in my Asset Library into folders?

I have a lot of unsorted character, npc, and token art that I want to sort into folders. How do I go about doing this? Image showing what I want to do

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do that right now, you’ll have to reupload the file to the other directory and delete the old file. You could also re-arrange things in your local folder and re-import everything using the import wizard (any unmodified files will not be re-uploaded). Note that if you use any image in your world, renaming it will make it unavailable and would potentially break the world.

Having the ability to move or rename assets is one of the most requested features, and it is the
feature I’m current working on (since today as I just finished with the payment system revamp and added Paypal support yesterday).
My focus is now the revamp of the Assets Library system to allow such things (Moving a file would break any world that was using the old URL, so that needs to be handled carefully so the worlds are migrated automatically) as well as a new improved UI to make assets management much easier.

See the feature roadmap here :

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the quick reply! My difficulties with file management are relatively minor at the moment since I only have a a few dozen files to manage, but I’m looking forward to the updates!