How can I access the file paths to the modules?

I apologize in advance for any noob-isms I may portray and all the dumb questions I’m sure to ask, I struggle a lot with coding.

I am trying to create a rolltable compendium for different tiers of magic items to better stock the shelves of my merchants. I am using the LootSheet mod to do this, and so far it seems to be working. However, I need to create the tables and populate them. I have gotten to about 112 in the uncommon category (I’m doing this all in The Forge btw) and my world has slown down to a crawl. I had the idea I could download the .json file to my computer and then manually enter the rest of the files that way, but I can’t seem to figure out where the files are located.

I have an example of the code if I need to put it on here (wasnt sure if that was against the rules or not) and if I look in the code it will tell me where the file should be but if I click and paste in my browser it says file not found.

If I go into my world I can see (to a certain point) where it is located but again I cant figure out how to access it in a browser.

If I use the world I have saved on my computer I can find the compendiums pretty easy but it wont give me the details I would need to have the online rolltable locate the same item on the server

I hope all this makes sense, like I said I’m not good at all at coding (and I need caffeine) please let me know if I can make things clearer and thanks in advance!

Hello! We gladly welcome Code in these kind of scenarios, as long as it is yours and doesn’t break any copyright rules.

I am having a hard time recognizing what you want, so if you could rephrase a bit on what you need we’ll gladly provide you with options.

So, for accessing other Modules, you would go through the bazaar usually. Something like this: as an example, would be the folder structure we use at the Forge.

I am not quite sure what you meant by your second paragraph. 100 Rolltables doesn’t seem to be good, depending on the content you have in them. It will drain your games, I would think, maybe compendiums would be beneficial for such times.

As said, code is allowed here. We use it a lot at least ^^

Not quite sure what you mean by access it in browser.

Not quite sure what the Compendiums can provide, I would need to prod into them, but I am sure we could prod information out of them.

Would love to continue the discussion ^^

Also unsure of what you meant by accessing file paths to the modules, but I just replied to you on your reddit post, and posting the response here in case it helps others too :

Hey, I’m not sure why you’re saying the world has slowed to a crawl, that’s very surprising.
That being said, you can right click on your roll table, and choose to export it as a json file, then you could edit it locally, then right click on the roll table again in foundry and do “Import data” to re-import the modified json.
Would that work for you as a solution ?

Thanks for the reply, here is the beginning of the code for the rolltable (hopefully it comes out correctly)

“name”: “UnCommon Magic Items”,
“img”: “icons/svg/d20-grey.svg”,
“results”: [
“_id”: “NBTDAKYEgLlUgJSe”,
“type”: 2,
“text”: “Dragon Turtle’s Claw (Club)”,
“img”: “”,
“collection”: “”,
“resultId”: “6Ok7A4NIiF63JcBe”,
“weight”: 1,
“range”: [

The rest of it is pretty much the same, just a different item for each section.

I did manage to find out that the modules are saved onto my machine (for some reason I thought that everything was saved to the server. That’s what I get for skimming the FAQ -.- )

However now I’ve come across another problem. I found the compendium that has the magic items I want to add, but it is a .db file. If I try and open it in notepad it looks like the worlds largest run-on sentence. Google is no help on this point either (I cant find something that will open up a .db file)

As far as rolltables, I have one so far with about 112 items on it and I believe it has slown my system down significantly. It could also just be my crappy laptop. I’ll have to open up my world here in a little bit and see if its still bad.

I hope this cleares some things up, any help would be appreciated!