Hosting Paid One shots on request [10$/Session]

Gametype: One Shot(s)
System: D&D5e
Schedule/Time: Completely open to request [I only need 2 days of prep]
Party Size: Up to 5 Players
Players of any experience level are welcome.

Adventures can either be left up to me or players can make requests regarding the session content, I prefer communicating with players to align content with their expectations.
I want to facilitate my players having fun, living out epic moments as well as potentially some funny ones!

There will be premade characters available as an optional choice.

Custom character creation rules

  • Level 8
  • 25 Point buy
  • Starting Gear will be 750gp + 2 Uncommon Magical items + normal starting gear
  • All Official content is allowed bar UA or AP content but we can talk about it.

This is more of a side note but something I’d like to add! I am making a campaign at the moment and I’d like to get a feel for some of the players who join the one shots as potential players in the campaign the pricing for the campaign will be 15$ but I am will be giving an additional reward to those players.

If you’re interested and want a more direct way of contacting me feel free to msg me on discord. My Discord username is. [ dpengu_ ]

One-shots Scheduled for the 6th, 9th, 14th and 15th
2/5 Slots filled

The theme for the one shots on the 14th and 15th September are Mass combat!

Currently open to any type of session request! :penguin: