Homebrew campaign need members

hi! im Amarok or Syhyronica. i have a really cool entirely custom dnd esque system that ive made that i call “Realm of Chaos” it has a gigantic multi continential story, cinematic type gameplay, entirely custom ability kits, a unique gear based leveling system, and so much more! ive worked on it for over 2 years thus far and im excited to share it with others!

Teaser: The lone planet of Terrestria is a strange place, despite the world being so young it has had many wars and much devastation. in recent years, things have been getting quite peaceful, many would say its a sign of the end times and others would say that the chaos of the past should and will be left in the past. Me? i dont know. ive seen hell and stared it back with my own eyes. Id advise against picking up a blade and seeking to change the course that has already been set, but if you persist despite this warning i shall show you the way. My name is Amarok, the lone warrior, and if you truly wish to change the future, it will take everything you can muster and then some. I’ll see you out in the wilds, until then… stay safe and dont die.

for extra information, contact me on discord or by email! my discord username is syhyronica and my display name is Amarok. and the best email to contact me at is [email protected]

there is so much that i cant possibly mention it all here. i hope to see you in Astrea soon!

(just fyi, this campaign has been going on for a while now, but me and a member had a horrendous falling out and they left the group. BUT we are in between major story arcs in an intermission, so its a better time than ever to join! ill explain whats happened thus far, and there are some important pins in the location channels that can give you some hints as to what has happened there in the past. thank you so much for reading!)