Hide my online hours?

Hi all, still relatively “new” to Foundry and The Forge, however, since I’ve gotten set up about a month ago, I’ve already spent more than 150 hours in here :sweat_smile: I’m making a new grand area for my campaign, and I have all the time in the world at my hands atm, so I’m really indulging myself. Now, I’d like if I could hide the number of online hours shown though, so my players don’t see excactly how much time I’ve been preparing, that’s for me to know, just because I’m making maps and stuff doesn’t mean I’m completely prepared for anything lore- and otherwise, I don’t want to fall flat on something or look like a fool for not knowing something technical about the software after all this time with the program, and I’d also like to come off as someone who sometimes has other shit to do, lol…

There isn’t a way at the moment to hide your own hours, though it’s been requested more than once, so it will probably be made available at some point, although it’s a low priority item.
In the meantime, I can suggest this workaround : “oh, I keep forgetting the tab open, so those statistics are totally inaccurate”. :smiley:

oh, I thought I answered you by mail, but apparently I couldn’t do that. Anyway thanks for the reply, I guess I’ll just use said workaround for now. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I still need to do the setup to enable answering the forums through email. It hasn’t really been a priority and sounded complicated, hehe.