Hidden scene thumbnail location?

I’m troubleshooting why my world is taking so long to load, and by exporting have found a folder called scenes>thumbs that is 30 mb (!). It’s basically all images for ‘theatre of the mind’ that I downloaded from a content creator. I don’t use them, so I want to delete them, but I can’t figure out how to do that in the Forge. I’ve tried:

  • regenerating scene thumbnails
  • deleting the scene thumbnails from my Asset Library

Is there any alternative to deleting this folder and then re-importing my world?

EDIT: I have discovered that the same images were being housed in the ‘base64data’ folder in my asset library. However, I cannot find them in any journal entries in my game, and deleting that folder didn’t help.

If you export the world, delete the files, then re-upload them to the forge, it should delete them from the world. It might be thumbnails that re-generate?

I would recommend having a backup where you don’t delete the files too, just to be sure nothing can go wrong! :smiley: