Help with keyboard usage on the Forge VTT

The “M” key on my keyboard isn’t working while using the Foundry VTT that I uploaded to the Forge. It works everywhere else, though. Anybody have any tips? I hope I posted this in the right place.

I’ve move your post to the correct location.

What does the ‘M’ key do? I tried it but didn’t seem to do anything. Is there a module you’re using that provides a feature?
Perhaps you either have the module turned off or there’s another module that is causing issues, breaking other modules?

You can check the console log for errors in the devtools, which you can open by hitting F12.

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Hello, the M key as in typing, or in “hotkeys” as you might be missing the module in that case. I don’t think the M key by default is a hotkey.

Thanks for moving my post. I’m not too proficient with forums.

I was just trying to type a random word with the letter “m” in a rolltable description and found that it wouldn’t work. I thought it might be a problem with my keyboard, but as you can see, it’s working here just fine. likewise, the “m” key works in all other applications on my PC. It just won’t work anywhere in the Foundry VTT that I uploaded to The Forge. I can type out a sentence in the Foundry VTT chat window and every instance of the letter m just doesn’t appear.

I’ll try re uploading Foundry into the Forge this weekend and see that fixes it, i guess.

Ohhh, we thought it was a keyboard shortcut that didn’t work, but the m character is basically unusable when using The Forge?

That is very strange. My first thought would be some sort of weird module. But even then I can’t imagine it could block that globally within the website.
You could try disabling all modules just in case. You can do it by going to setup, edit your world and select the “Reset modules” checkbox.

Other than that… I’m out of ideas at the moment. Maybe a browser extension you’re using that somehow was set to listen to your game url? Seems unlikely.

Try disabling modules and see if that does it.

I will, thank you for the prompt response.