Help with houserules?

Would there be a way to alter the way certain things are rolled or handled at the table? For example, I have a houserule about the way critical hits work.

My rule is; You roll damage once, and add the entire die to the roll. So if your weapon does 1d6 damage and you roll a critical hit, and then on the d6 you roll a 4. You would do a total of 10 damage for the critical hit.

Is there a mod for that or something for sake of ease?

This is built into DND 5e system as an optional rule if you’ve got things up to date - no need for a module.

Game Settings → Configure Settings → System Settings → “Critical Damage Maximize Dice”

I believe that’s what you’re looking for.

It’s a super common house rule so I guess it made sense for them to just put it right in there.

I use it too actually! :slight_smile:

It is what I was looking for, but not for 5e. It isn’t available in the settings for Pathfinder 2e… I was wondering if anyone knew how to write a houserule in that way, by modding or whatnot.

Oh, sorry - I should have asked the system first!
I’m no pro at modding or pathfinder, so I’m afraid I can’t assist there.

Not to worry, I’m sure someone will help eventually lol. Thanks though!

Haha, sorry I thought this issue was solved by @artifission 's comment!
Best way to do this is to macro it up, I believe.

Sadly I don’t know enough about the pathfinder system to do this as of right now, but it is probably built in somewhere enough to make it a macro.

Check foundry’s discord for people that have created modules or macros for it already :smiley: