HELP! Webm Scene background distorted

In a bit of a panic.
I’m running a feature dnd session in 3 hours and all my scenes now have disorted background videos.

I’ve tried disabling all module and creating new scenes. Still no luck.

Any help is much appreciated!!

Hey there :wave:
Hmm, this seems like it might be a graphics driver bug. I’d recommend checking the dev tools console (F12), and seeing if there are any errors.
Chances are good that it’s only on your browser and your players might see it fine.

You might need to make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled, then check to see if you have any graphics driver updates, if so, install them. And then restart your machine! Hope it helps!

I suddenly started having this exact issue and it was working fine last Sunday. An Nvidia driver update did get pushed out this week… maybe that is it. Weird thing though is that if I load the url for my background file directly, it works just fine. I only have problems when it loads through forge/foundry.

Yeah, you’re the 3rd person I’ve seen to mention this issue in the last 24 hours. A recent Nvidia driver update would certainly explain it. Does it persist after reboots by the way ?

I tried rolling back the driver, didn’t fix it. Tried installing the SD version of the driver manually, didn’t fix it.
Tried forcing chrome to use the onboard intel video card instead of the nvidia one, same thing.
Tried updating chrome, checking windows updates, dell updates, didn’t fix it. Confirmed hardware acceleration on.

As I mentioned in my first reply, if I right click the scene and copy the url for the webm, and open that url in the new tab, it loads fine. This should eliminate chrome and drivers as the issue (especially when combined with my above troubleshooting) and put the problem squarely on the forge side.

It doesn’t seem to be happening to all my webm files. The two files on the left work, the two on the right do not.

Seems it’s only the higher resolution ones getting scrambled. I have also tried rolling back some of the foundry base systems and modules with no success.

Thanks for trying with a rolled back driver and checking for updates to Chrome/Windows/etc… That certainly helps narrow it down.

Actually, the Forge’s side is to serve the image, which it does without issues (since it’s displaying correctly when opening the URL), so maybe you meant the issue is squarely on Foundry’s side.
That being said, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that it could be a driver or chrome issue, because clearly Foundry hasn’t had an update in the last 2 days for this issue to suddenly start happening to people, and if it worked before and now it doesn’t, and it’s the same Foundry version, there’s no reason to think it’s a Foundry issue either.
However, Foundry loads the image differently from what opening it in the browser does, because Foundry will load it as a WebGL texture on the canvas to be displayed through the GPU texture, versus chrome opening it via a image or video renderer. I can see from the screenshot that it’s a video, so I wonder if it only affects mp4 files or something. I don’t know if the issue from @darrenbatchelor85 is also for a mp4/video background.

One thing to check though is in case a module is doing something it shouldn’t and somehow is the one breaking it, so I’d recommend you try setting that background in a new scene in a new world, with no modules enabled. If that works, try a new scene in your existing world with the same modules enabled, if that works, then check if something is weird about your scene (maybe the issue happens if the scene size doesn’t match the video resolution?) and if it doesn’t work in a new scene, it might indicate a module in your world is changing how textures are loaded into the scene (maybe it assumes all backgrounds are images and does something ‘clever’ which breaks on video files?). If that’s the case, a recent module update could be why the issue started happening recently.

Oh, I just saw this response as I was typing mine.
That’s a good conclusion yeah, it’s likely the issue is related to the resolution of the video. Did you check the scene’s own resolution, it might be that they need to match? I just tried different resolutions with a mp4 file, and the video seems to properly get stretched. I don’t know if it’s an issue specific to webm files, or maybe high resolution webm (might be a chrome update which updated the webm codec and now it doesn’t handle stretching resolution for video files higher than 1080p ?).
I hope you can help narrow it down further!

Thanks for all your tests and providing us with that useful information!

Follow up information from our tests on Discord. Looks like the issue doesn’t happen in chrome 109, but it does happen in Chrome 110, so everything is pointing now to a chrome update issue, rather than a GPU driver update.

And here is the fix, found and provided by @arrmihardies (Thanks again!)
Go to chrome://flags search for “angle” and set this option to “OpenGL” then relaunch Chrome:

That should fix your issue @darrenbatchelor85