Help needed with Maps not keeping their set dimensions

Screenshot 2020-12-31 at 09.50.12|562x500

Hey guys, im having a real issue with maps not keeping their set aspect ratios. its making the use of foundry really unappetizing and im getting desperate. I installed a module known as Find The Culprit but im still unable to pindown the issue. i have tried deactivating all modules to see if the issue persists and unfortunately it does.

the screenshot hopefully provides some indication of what im dealing with. Please help.

Kind regards, Matt.

That looks like the grid itself is not in the right aspect ratio. I’ve only seen that happen when I open the Chrome dev tools really fast while the canvas itself is loading, and it’s a very rare race condition. That might happen to you maybe if you’re resizing (maximizing?) the window just as the page is loading? If that happens again, can you try to simply resize your browser window to see if it fixes itself?