Help backing up assets library

This still does not work, I have done the local install and my modules and world data still show to the forge and not to my local files. How can I point all my journals, actor pictures and scenes to my local instance? I don´t want my local instance to point to forge assets at all, how do I get this to work?

Did you enable the option to “Update Foundry world to use local assets” option? And those assets which still link to the assets library, are those all assets in your own personal assets library or are they links to someone else’s library or the bazaar?

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I first used the sync to get all images that I used in my shared compendiums, then I downloaded the compendiums and noticed in the json that they still have the forge library link. Do I need to do the download again of the compendiums after doing the sync with local replacement?

Also all assets point to my forge library and not to other forge librarys. I have tried with a fresh download after the local sync but all compendiums still link to the forge file path and not the local…

Heya Shadowseye,

That sounds pretty weird that they’re still referencing forge asset library URL after running that. Can you please elaborate what you mean by “other forge libraries”? And which compendiums you are trying to export? Are they your own, or compendiums you’ve installed that are released for the general community/for sale?

The question above asked if I was using any assets from other forge users, that I said I do not. All compendiums I am trying to set to my local instance are my shared compendiums and the asset link to my forge asstet link does not get removed as suggested by the forge asset link to local instance check mark. So can anyone help?