Having trouble with journal pins

I created a landing page for my group. And I wanted to place journal entry pins on the map so my players can click on the icon and read what had happened there. But when I go and place the pins my players cannot see the icons for the pins. I have selected that the pins be visible and gave them all the observer status, but none show up when they log into the landing page. Is there something that I am doing wrong that they cannot see them?

Thanks for any advice

Hey there :wave:

This is something that I wrestled with in my own game a fair bit.
The pins will only be visible if your players have activated the Toggle Notes Display option

I used the Journal Notes to show skill check prompts and descriptions to my players but they kept forgetting to activate the toggle and missed a fair few things. I’ve made a feature suggestion in the Foundry Discord that a keybinding be added to make it easier to inform new players how to activate it.

In my game, I started relying on a ‘point of interest’ token somewhere on the map (a token with a simple animated .webm image of a sparkle from JB2A to catch the attention), to remind them to Toggle Journal Notes on in areas where I’ve placed them.

Hope this helps!

I had them do that and only 1 of the pins showed up. Also when they go to click on the pin they cannot read anything that I have connected with the journal notes I have assigned to the pin. Thanks for your input and maybe there is something else I am overlooking. I’ll keep working on it though.

Ah, they would also need to have at least observer permission on the Journal or the Journal Page that the Journal Note is linked to in order to open it up.


I like to use Permission Viewer when working with stuff on the Journal level. If your notes point to pages, a little eye icon next to the page name should describe whether they’re shared with players.