Having Issues with LiveKit through the Forge

It started with just one of my 3 campaign worlds where we were having an inability to connect. I cloned that world, opened it up, and it Livekit worked again.

But here I am on a world that has not had the problem previously, and I’m getting the “Error connecting to LiveKit Server:could not establish signal connection: Internal Error”

I’m running Foundry 9, I’m on the Latest Vivaldi broswer, I’ve tested on Firefox & Chrome, same error. Also my players get the same issue.

Any idea what is going on?

I am getting the same issue on Foundry 11. Specifically its telling me “Websocket got closed during reconnection attempt”

So, I re-enabled the LiveKit module this evening to test and see if I could get some debug info…and everything just worked. But I had no game today.

It’s very frustrating, because every time I go to try and test things when I don’t have game, it works flawlessly. When I have an actual game, I have problems. Has there been any known issues with the LiveKit server that I’m not finding?

Hey there, sorry for the late response. We were having issues with Livekit, but unfortunately for resolving your situation, we made fixes to them before you made this post. We haven’t seen similar complaints since.

Can you please clarify what times you are having these issues?

Well, the last two sessions since that last post went…fine.

The last few problematic AV instances were, 4/20 (after 6pm Eastern), 4/25 (after 9pm Eastern), 4/28 (after 2pm Eastern) - in these instances it simply would not connect to the LiveKit Server.

We had a successful session in terms of Audio on 5/4 (after 6pm Eastern), though we did hear a variety of audio artifacts (buzzes, pings, and other distortion) start to occur from no discernible source after about the 4th hour (most of my sessions are 5 hours). We had heard these in prior sessions before 4/20 intermittently. While the 5/4 session was overall successful, we had more than 5 noticeable slowdowns where the campaign became unresponsive for 2 to 5 minutes, and the AV cut out, then reconnected shortly thereafter.

I will have Thursday evening session this week, and can report on how it goes.

Thanks, keep us updated on how that goes :slight_smile: