Have a stream flowing through my map, want to animate it

Like the title says, I have a small stream flowing through the caverns I am developing (developing my my own use, no one else’s. Well, my players…). I would love to find a way to animate that.

I am guess that what I need to do is create my own animated gif/image and use that. But I have never created an animated image of that complexity. I don’t mind doing it, but honestly I have no idea how to start. I was hoping someone could point me the right direction.

:wave: Hey, so indeed animating water like that will be quite hard. You can use Video formats too, just make tiles that you put upon the map.

For quick water animation I like to use PhotoMirage on my end (though I would wait for some kind of sale), but anything can be done with art programs too. It doesn’t need more than 2-4 frames for movement, which can be done by onion skinning, creating 4 separate images, and gluing them together with a gif maker.

You can definitively find free options like Krita for this.