Gundam Endless War X Battle Arcana

Hello ,

Noctilia opens its doors

Personalized game system between role-playing game, mmorpg and fighting game, create your adventurer and join the story of noctilia, a technomagical world where 5 factions try to survive,

2 game modes within the same universe, go hunting with a squadron at the command of Your Mobile Suit, or join a team of champions on the ground to participate in dungeons, instances, and raids.

PVP player versus player
PVE high difficulty level
8 classes available
8 specializations for each class.
Inter RP between each player faction
pet system, trades.

and more important active roleplay between players,

3 GM to manage a community of more than 70 players around the world.

gear system, farming, profession and more

see you soon !

hey can i join? hey i seen your post trying to join your game?

hello thanks check your MP =)