Grey screen of death for all players and dm. Even in Safe mode

My group just tried to play our game and we are all getting the grey screen of death. Our dm has tried all the normal trouble shooting. Including server hopping. We are on v10. Is anyone else experiencing issues with it right now? Using v10, and Tyrant of Barovia with 5E if that matters. Even in safe mode from games configuration tab the game will not load for any of us.

Hey there :wave:

Do you see any errors in the dev tools console (F12) when loading in?

I did see a recent report from another user who mentioned that they were having the same issue until they downgraded the dnd5e system from the latest version. If you recently upgraded your dnd5e version, it’s possible that there’s a conflict of some kind.

On the grey screen issue (there’s an article delving into that a bit here, which you may have already seen The Gray Screen), if you’ve already checked without modules enabled (safe config), checked your world size, and ensured your hardware acceleration is enabled but still can’t get in, please make a ticket in the #ticket-support channel of our Discord server and post an invite to your game there with a link back to this post, and I can hop in with you to try to troubleshoot it from the inside :slight_smile: