GMing with Chrome OS?

I have an adventure I want to run for some friends of mine and my only laptop is a chromebook. I am just wondering if anyone else has run an adventure via Chromebook and was wondering how it went.

I have a TV that is converted to work lying on its back with plexiglass over the screen and we are going to play in person. I plan to use static maps and sound.

My Chromebook is an Acer 317.

Any insight would be most welcome!

Heya :wave:

I’ve seen a couple of posts dating up to a few years back where users have played on a Chromebook, albeit with some limitations (no powerful GPU to leverage, for example). If you’re using The Forge for hosting, your machine will not need to meet the hosting Self-hosted Minimum Specifications listed on Minimum Requirements | Foundry Virtual Tabletop, but will still need to run Foundry in the browser.

I’d recommend giving it a try, either with a Forge free trial or by trying to run the Foundry demo in the browser and joining as a player :slight_smile:

The degree to which it will work will probably be determined on how heavy the scenes you’re trying to display are, but some users have had success on ChromeOS. Hope it works out well for you!

It wil depend on the Chromebook hardware. Most are made on a budget level so they are pretty underpowered but are running less of an OS overhead. If you 've got one of the beasts like a Pixelbook, you should have no problems. A cheap Acer with no hardware graphics acceleration, might be a different story.