GM Looking for 4-6 Players (D&D5e Hardcover Campaign)

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Beneath the unyielding night sky, you stand before a towering glacier and recite an ancient rhyme, causing a crack to form in the great wall of ice. Beyond this yawning fissure, the Caves of Hunger await. And past this icy dungeon is a secret so old and terrifying that few dare speak of it. The mad wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood long to possess that which the god of winter’s wrath has so coldly preserved—as do you! What fantastic secrets and treasures are entombed in the sunless heart of the glacier, and what will their discovery mean for the denizens of Icewind Dale? Can you save Ten-Towns from the Frostmaiden’s everlasting night?

Slots Available: 4 - 6 players
System Used: D&D 5th Edition
Style: Voice via Discord (no camera required), VTT via Foundry. Can run it as a homebrew campaign or adhering to Adventurers League rules.
With a knack for crafting captivating narratives and designing challenging encounters, I create immersive and collaborative gaming environments. I excel in balancing gameplay mechanics, character progression, and pacing, ensuring an enjoyable and balanced experience for all players.
Session Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: Any weekday or weekend, excepting Wednesdays, at 08:30 PM (GMT +8)
Requirements: Discord and a Forge account since my Foundry world is hosted via Forge.
Cost $15 USD per seat paid via PayPal (link to complete details of my commission sheet: