GM looking for 4-5 players running 5e

I am looking for a group to run some 5e for. I was thinking of running a session with 4-5 people and just seeing if we all mesh well and have some fun!

Lmk if you are interested !

Good Afternoon,

Myself and one other (2 ppl), are looking for a group to pay with. Please let me know if you are still looking, and how best to connect if there are any questions etc.

Brian (Arcaintum)

I am still looking, right now you two would be the first interested so we will wait till we have at least 4 people looking to join in and go from there! In the meantime if you have any questions feel free to PM me and we can work it out.

Hi, I’m Shrug. I’m also interested if you would have me. Also do you have a time planned or day of the week?

Hey Shrug,

The game will be done during the week as I am busy most weekends. I believe game time will most likely be done on Fridays around 5:30-6 EST and go till 9:30-10 EST

Hey, I’d be down - 41, laid back, and more interested in everyone having a good time than I am min-maxing my character for perfection. Just moved to a new part of the country and don’t know any one other than my wife, so my schedule is pretty open at the moment. :sweat_smile:

You are more than welcome! looks like we nearly have a party together here so I will start looking for a day we can all meet up and see if anything lines up with anyone!

Hi if there is still room left i would like to tag along
I am 38 years old and have been playing D&D/Pathfinder for some time now
time and day looks good also

Well let us know what you need. You have Brian and Alex interested and then the others on the thread.


That sounds rad! I’m also busy most weekends so a weekday sounds great.

Everyone sorry to say this but I just got a new job and its going to keep me very busy. I want to run a game but I know myself and how tired I am going to be while learning everything. So for now I am gonna have to put a pause on my plans to run and hopefully when I have more time I can try and get this together like I intended. Sorry for the disappointment and hopefully we all meet again when I am less busy!

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