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The eastern wilds is under siege by two factions, the people are forced to flee the lands and start a new. It is here the your journey begins in a world that has outlawed witchcraft (Magic) to the point where it is a myth at best.
Humans dominate the known world and all others are still trying to just get by with what’s left.

A slightly more realistic sandbox style home brew game with a bit of a slower pace. You create the story, group with other players or go at it solo, be good, evil or anything in between as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions.

Slots available: looking for at least 8 more players
System: Blood and steel, Home-brew, Dnd 5e / Custom rules
Style: Discord text, play as much as you want / Scheduled games
Session Duration: up to 3+ hours
Requirements: Decent microphone / decent cam is also a plus

Drop in if you have questions or just want to look around.