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Greetings, adventurers!:shield::sparkles: We’re a TTRPG community, playing games with Ned, a veteran Game Master with a lifelong passion turned full-time profession. Say farewell to DM burnouts and ghostings; we’re here to provide unforgettable adventures!

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  • :european_castle:Seven Years of World Building: Dive into a living, breathing sandbox world lovingly crafted over seven years—a world that stands apart from Forgotten Realms.

  • :video_game:700+ Recorded Games: With over 700 games on the SPG platform, our experience speaks volumes.

  • :earth_americas:Interactive, Detailed Worlds: Explore a unique realm where your choices shape the story. Delve into lore on our world-keeping website, Kanka.

:tada:Join Our Ongoing Adventures: Here is a link to our current games with open slots and listings, and the games are pay-per-session weekly :

  • Game 1: Into the Spider’s Web [Homebrew] [Group Forming Stage] | <t:1701804600:F> | New | 2 Open Slots | Pricing: $25

  • Game 2: Into the Spider’s Web [Homebrew] | <t:1701910800:F> | Ongoing | 1 Open Slot | Pricing: $30

  • Game 3: Shattering of Chains: Rise of the Changelings [Homebrew - Anti-Hero Campaign] | <t:1702083600:F> | Ongoing | 1 Open Slot | Pricing: $30

  • Game 4: Into the Spider’s Web [Homebrew] – Dynamic World – Beginner Friendly | <t:1702152000:F> | Ongoing | 1 Open Slot | Pricing: $30

  • Game 5: Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen - Family Friendly | <t:1702254600:F> | Ongoing | 1 Open Slot | Pricing: $30

:rocket:Explore Ned’s SPG Profile: Want to see Ned’s extensive RPG portfolio? Visit their SPG profile to discover their gaming expertise.

We welcome new players and seasoned veterans, offering fresh content for all. Explore new horizons and embark on unforgettable quests with us!:milky_way::dragon_face:

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