Gamemaster Password

I understand that when I enter a game world, I start with Gamemaster and a blank password. But I have a couple of questions about how it’s different in Forge:

  1. In the Configuration and Setup screen for Foundry, the Configuration and Update Software items are missing. Why is this? And how can I enter Configuration in Forge (there must be an alternative, right?)

  2. When starting a game world, I would expect to see Gamemaster as an option, but instead I see my login ID for Forge. Gamemaster is not missing. Has my login ID replaced Gamemaster?

  3. I understand that Gamemaster is set to a blank password in a game world and needs to be changed to keep others from accessing it. How do I do this in Forge?

Hi @aldatum and welcome!

Those are great questions!

  1. In the Forge, you do not need access to the Configure and Update tabs in the Setup screen because the configuration tab only lets you set things like the port number to listen to, the SSL certificates, the data path, etc… you don’t need to set any of these while you’re on the Forge as we take care of those hosting details for you. As for the Update tab, you don’t “update” the installation of Foundry so much as you just select the version you want to launch Foundry in from your Game Configuration page at
    Something worth noting here as well is that you don’t need to set an Administrator password as by default, the Forge will prevent anyone but you from accessing it, as you will already be logged into the Forge, we’ll be able to authenticate you and block access to the setup page automatically.

  2. You have likely enabled the Game Manager feature and launched into a world in which you enabled the User Manager feature. With the User Manager, you don’t see the join screen (a random password is generated for each user, and the Forge auto-logs you in based on your Forge account). The users are created based on your “Display Name” in your Forge profile settings, you can also override them on a per-game basis by going to the game configuration page, and clicking the “Configure players” and editing the name of the players that way. A user can have the Gamemaster role without needing their username to be “Gamemaster”

  3. If you have the User Manager feature disabled, then it would be the same as with self-hosted Foundry, you’d go to the “Configure players” page from within Foundry and set a password. If you have the User Manager feature enabled, then you don’t need to do that as the Forge will automatically set a random password to lock each user account and would only let logged Forge users access the game anyway and would log them in automatically based on their Forge account. Simplifying the process greatly.

I hope that helps answer your questions, and if you have any others, don’t hesitate to ask!

Just to be completely clear, my players can’t access my account, correct? I am unable to set a password for some reason (I’m aware I don’t need one), so I’m worried my players could be spying on the account.

If the user manager is enabled, then yes, you can’t set a password because a random one gets set automatically and the Forge will log you in automatically. The only reason you don’t need the password is because you’re already authenticated with the Forge, so your players can’t spy on your world as a gamemaster as long as they don’t have your Forge account credentials.