Game System version in Bazaar

I might be wrong, but some of my installed game systems, though tagged “up-to-date” when i try to update it in the Bazaar, are still lagging a few versions behind the latest really available.
Examples as of 13th June : Alien (1.3.7 instead of 2.1.0), CallOfCthulhu (0.5.9 instead of 0.6.0).
Note that my core FoundryVTT is 0.8.6.

The Bazaar is tracking the version listed in Game Manager, if you are using that.

Is that perhaps set to 0.7.9 manually?

As @alarich said, You can go to the Game Manager (or My Foundry if you don’t have the game Manager) and change Foundry Version to keep updated with those systems.

New releases are usually for 0.8.6 at this point, therefor if you’ve set your servers to older versions, it might conflict with new systems. Therefore we only update to the latest version corresponding to your FoundryVTT version.

Indeed, thank you very much for the information (sorry for the late reply)…