Game System Dvlpmt - Edit character sheet

Hi everyone !

I encounter one more problem with my game system based on
Simple Worldbuilding System
When trying to edit the character sheet, I find out my change are not saved and that the error below shows up.

I didn’t change the helper.js file yet but added another tab to the template.json called “resistances” parralel to the “attributes”. I wonder if it could generate issues somewhere, since the helper.json calls only the “attributes” on line 421.

I also tried to put all the “resistances” into the “attributes” but it didn’t save the problem and the “attributes” parameters are actually not saved either. I’m afraid it’s something way deeper due to editable sheet or not. Didn’t anyone encounter similar issue ?

I can’t access Github or Discord, so I’m sorry if this issue had been post in there.
I’m using the Version 11 of Foundry (Build 315) and the 0.8.2 system.

Thanks in advance for any help <3

Hi there :wave:

I read that you mentioned that you cannot access Discord, but the best place (and the intended place to go to for system development questions) is the Foundry Discord’s #system-development channel.


What you’re encountering here is a TypeError, which implies that your object v does not hold a property attrKey.


This means that v[attrKey] is null, and attempting to access null['group'] will give you the TypeError

You can either make sure that attrKey is always set on v, or if it’s optional check to make sure that it exists before access ["group"] on it, and skipping that attrKey if does not exist.

if !v[attrkey] continue

Thanks Phi for the follow-up !

I actually can’t put a condition on attrKey since it’s designed by this loop. The problem may belong to the “v” (that I don’t know where it comes from) and then probably from the core code of the worldbuilding game system that I’m not knowledgable enough to review.

I guess I’ll give up the idea to update the character sheet from foundry and do it on a basic Excel file. If anyone find a possible lead for a solution, feel free to let me know.

May everyone have fun~