module: Asset Library, Game Data or Bazaar?

The module is really nothing more than a lot of svg icons. My question is where are files stored? Asset Library, Game Data or Bazaar? If I read correctly, image files would typically be placed in Asset Library when imported with the noted exception of images from modules. However, in the Bazaar FAQ it states:

  • “The Bazaar is The Forge’s repository of Systems, Modules, Worlds, Assets”
  • “Any systems or modules installed through the Bazaar will not be using your Data Quota allocation”
  • “Do note however, that if a system or a module has compendium packs, those packs will need to be copied to your data folder and will count towards your Data Quota.”

Well the icons are not in a compendium but in the module directory itself.




It’s exactly where you would always find them from:

Now, answering your question directly, the asset files for modules that are hosted on the Bazaar are hosted by The Forge and will not affect your storage quota.
The url will look like this: .svg

So it would seem to be on your storage, but it is simply symlinked to the actual location.

What could be better is if these urls would actually be from the CDN directly, maybe @kakaroto can shed some light into this.
But it will work regardless, CDN would simply be much faster for the single file, but unless you’re utilizing many of them, the difference would be quite small.

I warn you though, opening any of those folders WILL take a while just because of the amount of data within them. You will think it did not work for like 10 seconds.
It’s completely un-optimized, but I hope you find a good use for it.
There’s nothing on The Forge that would limit you, it’s simply a lot of data that has to be sent through the websocket and then displayed on your screen.

They are available through the CDN via the Bazaar, but if the module doesn’t provide an actual compendium for these assets, there’s no way to access that directly through the Foundry interface. Now that the Bazaar exists, I could probably create an option that the forge module would add to the UI (like it does for the blur/flip/optimizer options), to do a ‘use CDN’ for a URL coming from a module or system, for example.
so your .svg would get changed to

I’ve heard of some people having their actual browser crashing on them because of that module. It’s not just about having to download the list of files through the websocket, but it’s also the browser simply being unable (or slow) to display 30000 icons on the document itself.

I found that out. And after a while got tired of it. What I did was under each original directory, I split the icons by 1st letter of the name and uploaded to my Asset Library. File selection is now much better. I’m just not sure if I unnecessarily added to my quota. But it’s only 26 MB which right now it’s a big deal. But once I’m given a limit on something I get a little paranoid. Plus if I decide to change where a resource is I’d rather do it early.