Game group using The Forge? License?

Our game group got a server. We have multiple games going at any time with different GMs. My friend linked my Foundry License to his account, thinking this was how things were done. How can we unlink it so I can link my foundry account?

Have your friend send me an email to [email protected] and after @kakaroto gets confirmation, he’ll handle the removal of the key from your friend’s account.

OK, thank you I notified my friend who will be sending an email. We appreciate the quick follow up. Sorry for the confusion with the system.

The email was sent. It looks like my key is still locked out and unavailable for my account. Is there some kind of ETA?

It was sent on a Friday at 9PM, so the ETA would have been “on Monday”.
It’s done now though, and I replied to the email from your friend. You should be able to add the license to your account now.
Let me know if there’s anything else you need!

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I appreciate the efforts. I still get an error stating: ‘Error adding license: This license key has already been claimed.’

I see. Well, I investigated and it looks like the one who sent me the request last Friday was not your friend but someone else.
I checked which games you were invited to and found your GM’s account, he sent a request for removing the license from a different email address than the one he created his Forge account with and didn’t specify which of the two licenses he wanted me to remove. I had replied to him last Thursday asking him to send a request from the proper email and to specify the license key to remove and I haven’t heard back, therefore, I cannot act until I receive further information.
Your turn to poke him :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I believe my friend has now sent you the correct information. By the way, we played our first game on Forge this weekend. We loved it!

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It’s all done! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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