Game exports are really small?

I’ve got a massive Curse of Strahd campaign that I ported over from Roll20 (successfully) that I’d like to back up, but when I go to export it I get a tiny zip file with nothing in the /scenes/ folder and only a few small .db files.

Is this all there is? If I had to cancel my account and wanted to go back to self-hosting, how can I export / back up everything on my account (assets included)?

Exporting assets is a coming feature.

As of right now, no files will be deleted, so they’re still hooked up to the assets library.
We will give a fair warning if such happens, and give time to export. Till we have an export assets feature, nothing will be deleted.

The files/world you got should be enough to still play around locally.

The only problem with this is if you play offline.
Hope this helps ^^

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Exporting assets is a coming feature.

Ah, okay.

And no plans on playing offline just yet, I just like to have local backups. But it can wait until the feature launches. Thanks.

Actually, check that — I just remembered why I was looking at exports in the first place.

I need to duplicate my Strahd world so that I can run it for another group. How can I do that?

Oh, you can easily do that with export, then editing the name and title in the world.json
Then re-uploading it ^^

Sorry, that was probably not as descriptive as I should’ve been.

You can export the world by going to . (this one you probably knew)
Then open the .zip file.
You can drag this folder onto your desktop, or another space you want.
Open the world folder, and open world.json with a notpad program.
Edit Title and Name
To something you haven’t used before. Like “group 2” etc.

Then re-upload with the import wizard.
That’s it. Hope this helps you out ^^

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Oh nice! So export works, it just doesn’t include assets. Got it. Thanks!

That’s one the reasons the exports don’t include assets, you don’t need to duplicate them. Just export, change the name of the world and import the new world, it will use all of the old assets as it links to them directly. :slight_smile:
I actually plan on having a “Duplicate world” option in the Table Tools, I just haven’t gotten around to adding it.