Game Data Exceeded


Yesterday my game data usage was 14%, today it has shot up to 125%.

In the “Select Data Files to Delete” option I can see module but most are very small.

The World is today showing as 587MB. Unsure why it’s that large.

How can I see what’s using up the space?

That sort of behavior (a world exploding in size, average being about 10-20 MB per world) is caused by a module.

What you can do is to download the world, then look through the db files to see which one(s) have exploded in size. Edit those db files to remove the bad data, and save them. At that point, test locally in FoundryVTT and make sure everything works. You can then delete your world on Forge-vtt and re-upload the world. Also make sure your modules are disabled so you don’t hit this issue again, and try to determine which module caused the issue.

Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

Thanks for your help. Turned out to be an issue with the Better Rolls module. Some weapons suddenly had uses where they did not before. Could not turn that off so we tried adding a large number in the uses box.

Seems like the module instead of using a counter creates a comma separated text entry for each use. So when you put 100,000 in the box, it add that many values.

One of the players in my group was able to strip that out and I deleted and uploaded the world again. Seems to work ok at the moment.

Hello. I’m just getting started with all this, considering using The Forge for my game group, and researching tips/issues/best practices ahead of time. Appears the support is awesome.
Better Rolls is in my collection. Love it.
Do you have any advice on recommended practices for Better Rolls? or is the issue resolved?

I haven’t heard about an issue with Better Rolls for a long time (if ever) so you should be fine.
If it acts up it shouldn’t be Forge’s fault anyhow, but I recommend you try ^^

If it is for normal use (if you have something from before).
I think this might’ve been a special case.

Ok thanks. What a great time to be a gamer

yeah, I think the issue with Better Rolls was for people who updated to Foundry 0.7.x without updating the module, and the bug was an old one. As long as everything is up to date, it should be good I think.

Yes sir, all appears to be well, thanks!