Full Time GM Looking to start new campaigns, but also has open seats if you're looking to join something already established. [LFP][Foundry VTT][Any Day][Multiple Times Available][Online][Paid][$25/Session][LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY] [NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY][CAMPAIGN]

Hey all, I’m a full time professional GM with lots of time slots open to run anything you would like! I also have a bunch of games that I have extra seats for that you can hop into at any time! I primarily run D&D but I also run Pathfinder, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and more.

A majority of my campaigns take place in my homebrew world of Alon, and because all of these campaigns take place in the same world that leads to your adventures having effects on the other campaigns and vice versa. I also occasionally run one-shots and cross overs and over-all try to build a community amongst my players.

I also run a few campaigns privately if you just want to play with a small group and am willing to do the same for you if that’s more your speed.

Right now I am running several styles and genres of games:
Dark & Comical Candyland

**When:**I am currently free to start new campaigns any weekday morning/early afternoon, but have seat available in campaigns that I’m running in my evening games every day of the week.

**GM Style:**Typically I tend to run a more roleplay focused game, however as a player I love combat, so I like to make the combats that I give my players to mean something. Prove difficult and add to the story instead of just random fights for the sake of combat.

Link to Discord: Alon

Link to StartPlaying: Professional Game Master - Rollin | StartPlaying