Full names being displayed when mousing over game

I was jues messing about with some things in Forge, and happened to mouse over the game in the way that gives you a tooltip showing everyones hours played. I had to double take as I saw that all the names listed there were not the display names, but my players (and my own) real names. And not just first names, but full names. I went to my account profile to check, and sure enough, my “display name” was set to my usual online handle, but the scary thing is that under the section for my name-name, I have only filled out my first name, yet the hours played info shows my FULL name. I don’t know where Forge is dragging this information from, but it’s totally unacceptable. It should be using our designated display names, and nothing else. My group is purely online, we met, play and converse online behind our handles, and we’ve never felt the need to go outside of that. We all respect each other’s privacy and refer to each other by our avatar names. Now Forge is just displaying names without permission for anyone to see. This needs to be fixed. I want to know how this is even a thing, for it to be drawing my first and last name, I’m guessing it is using the name I used either when I signed up, or from my payment method, because NOTHING that I have ever put into my “My Account” has contained my full name.

Hi Rahz,

The player names displayed in a game should be the display name, and not the full name, but those are editable (click the ‘configure players’ button and you’ll see you can edit your name, or as a GM, you can edit everyone). So the game stores the names of the user within its setting, since you may want to be known as “Rahz” in one game but “Grog” in another game you’ve also joined.

Changing your display name in your “My Account” page changes your default display name (i.e: when joining a new game, or if you clear the name (empty the field) when configuring your player name or the name had never been customized), but it does not change it for existing games that already have a custom player name assigned to it.

The issue however is that for older user accounts and older games, the name had been copied into the game from the display name at the time you joined the game. My guess for why it shows your full name is because when you created your account, the display name had defaulted to the same as your name, then you joined a game, and that display name (which was your full name) was copied into the game as the custom player name, and it remained that way ever since.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done from my side at this point because the only way to fix it is to forcibly reset every player name in every game, which could get other people angry. You aren’t the first to do the double take and get annoyed by it and all I can do is apologize for the situation :frowning: What has been fixed so far is that :

  • The display name for new users will now default to their username instead of their name
  • When joining a game, by default, your player’s name is empty, so it will automatically use and synchronize with your display name until you customize it.

I hope that helps understand the situation, and I’ll see if there’s anything more that I can do to alleviate this concern.

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