Free trial not activating

I just signed up for The Forge and signed up for the two week free trial. However, when I try to do anything GM related, I’m told I only have a player account and need to be invited to a game world. I tried clicking on the subscription options again, but all of the free trial options are now gone. I have reloaded the screen, and logged out and back in. I’m still registered as a “player” with no GM level access, and not way to sign up for the two week trial. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Dillon,

I believe we already responded on Discord, but you can just sign up for the first time to The Forge, and you’ll get your two-week free trial automatically applied to your account. No need to check any boxes or anything like that.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Just to respond for anyone else encountering this:

After signing up to the Forge, and want to do the 14 day trial, you have to subscribe. Completing the subscription sign-up will start the trial, and won’t charge you till the 14 day period is over.