(Free To Play) The Dark Eye - Looking for 5 players in a group for a Monday Weekly game session (7PM Eastern)

To anyone wanting to try or get into The Dark Eye gaming system, I am looking for up to 5 players to join a weekly game Monday nights. 7PM Eastern time.
If you have not played The Dark Eye before, I have a Core Book PDF for studying up on. The system is a skill roll based system. Combat consists of the same rolls. There are defensive rolls, checks as in other tabletop games. Don’t be intimidated by a new game system. I will be happy to ease your experience into it.
This is only for those that are willing to try out a game outside of D&D.
Discord - Nexsis47 #6553
Once interested and going into the game, I use Discord for chat and Foundry for the game itself. Once players are inside the Forge/Foundry game I can set up pre made characters for all players to ease them into the game. Or if you are a seasoned player, you can make your own.
Character creation is different in the Dark Eye, where you gain AP (Adventure Points) instead of levels. You build your character as you go. The starting AP depends on difficulty of the campaign, but for mine it will be experienced at 1100. (More within the Core Book on character creation.)
Anyway, thank you to all that contact me.

Slots filled. Thank you to all that responded.