Free to Play Advanced 5E

Game: A5E (Advanced 5th Edition) NOT ORIGINAL 5E

Location: Foundry w/ Discord

When: 7 PM Central Time (GMT-6), every other Wednesday

Slots needed: 5 players

Seats available: 5 players

Other details: I’m gauging interest in a game using the A5E rules, set in Golarion, using an adapted version of the Pathfinder Crypt of the Everflame module. My normal group consists of beer and pretzels-type players, but I am looking for more of a Glass Cannon Podcast-type experience. Players that would actually create a character, rather than a series of stats. If you aren’t familiar with A5E, it is basically original 5E with some added depth and some class changes that I really like. The rules for A5E can be found here: If you are interested, please apply here: