[FREE online][LFP]Shadowdark RPG[every-other-week Saturday][GMT-5]4:00pm-7pm[No Discord.]

I’m looking for players to run in my Shadowdark campaign. We’d start out with a Session 0 to discuss what we all expect, then we’ll roll up characters. Do you prefer Roleplay, Combat, Puzzles, ect?

I plan on running this one pretty free-form with few pre-packaged adventures, except the first dungeon. I want to prepare and go where the player’s decide to go.

I’ve been running 3.5, Pathfinder, 5e, and more for 12+ years now.

Please do NOT bring a premade character to the game, we will be rolling our characters together as a group.

I’m definitely looking for fun friendly players. No show-stealers, no bossing-the-other-players, etc.

The first session will be Saturday June 17th at 4:00pm (GMT-4) [Georgia, USA timezone]
I’m currently planning to run every other week, but if we decide as a group to meet up weekly that’s fine with me too. I do have one mandatory Saturday a month that I have to work though.

With that being said, here is a list of important resources:

Shadowdark’s official webpage is: Shadowdark - The Arcane Library
The quickstart rules are all you will need and are available for free at: Dropbox - Shadowdark RPG Quickstart Set - V2-1.zip - Simplify your life
What is ShadowDark → Why Shadowdark RPG is Worth Your Time - YouTube
Super easy level 0 character generator → ShadowDark Character Generator
Highly interactive level 1+ character generator → ShadowDork
Here is a primer to Old School TRPG games → Lithyscaphe: Principia Apocrypha: Principles of Old School RPGs, or, A New OSR Primer