[Free Online][LFP][D&D 5E][Wednesdays 5pm-8:30pm Eastern]

In the ruins of the portal that brought the Demon Lords to Artheria, a exiled mage found the remnants of the spell cast by the Dark Elf Mordain that caused the sundering. Thinking he could redesign the spell to gain godhood, he worked for several years. On the 5th year he casts the spell of Ascension. While the spell worked in the sense that he became a god, the cost was severe. The world of Artheria was ripped asunder, ripped into a few dozen hunks of planes held together by what was left of leylines. The Magical lines of energy created portals between the fragments.

Less than 10% of the population of Artheria survived. Some lived in cities ruled over by great mages, powerful spellcasters that help stabilize the wild magics flowing between the shards. Others live in small tribes or are isolated in the planes. The party currently works under Ella the White, a High Priestess that took charge of the primarily human city of Angels Rest. Ella believes she has found a way to reform Artheria, but requires the assistance of two other great mages.
It is the Job of the party to explore the broken world, make alliances and find new resources, and maybe help defeat the Ascended One in the process.

TIME/DATE Wednesdays 5pm-8:30pm(or so) EDT

SLOTS: 2/5 available

SYSTEM This is a D&D 5e campaign to go hopefully between level 5 to level 12.

STYLE: role play and exploration and plenty of action!

CHARACTER CREATION: Using PHB, Xanathar’s, Tasha’s, and Monsters of the Multiverse for character creation. Alternate class features allowed.

No multi-classing. We will be using feats.

Homebrew Rules: Free action healing potions. Magic Potions (refills spell slots).

PLATFORM: Voice Only using discord, using Foundry as a VTT, and D&D Beyond to track characters.

Contact phatbac#2373 on Discord if interested!