[FREE][LFP - 3][5e][Beginner Friendly][Weekly/Bi-Weekly][MIC] Tales of Atriea ~ Homebrew Living World Campaign

Genre: High Fantasy | Game Type: Linear Free Choice | Software: Foundry VTT and Discord (For Voice Chat) | Gameplay: 60/40 Roleplay-Combat | Themes: Heroic | Time: AEST - 7 - 8pm - 11pm Sundays | Duration: Lvl 2 to Lvl 5 or until Main Quest Ends.

Synopsis of the Story: It is 1254 AE of the Auronian Calendar, by the Southern Continent of Mieve, within the Kingdom of Athalan, a Civil War ignites between the Great Houses. With the Queen Regent declaring its’ governance to total Matriarchy, the realm is plunged into turmoil. Amidst the conflict, a man by the name of Paul Green, hires a group of individuals to take an important asset from one side of the Kingdom to another in hopes to aid the Rebellion’s effort to defy the Queen of Athalan and to turn the tide of the war.

About Me: Hello yalls! My name is Nico, and I’ve been DM’ing since 2017 IRL as well as virtual to which I am mainly using the latter for my D&d fix. It’s been a passion for me to tell stories with my close friend group and we’ve been playing a single on-going campaign (88 sessions in since 2020 in-and-out). The world I’ve built has the elements of the classic Dungeons and Dragons so there will be familiarity, but for the past seven years I have been accumilating my own world building.

How I DM:

:studio_microphone: Roleplay: I love voicing my NPCs but I am no voice-actor. I delve into them really deeply. Discover romance and betrayal, I revel in D&d in-game drama!

:crossed_swords: Combat: Encounters I fairly balance well enough to give a challenge, but Boss fights is where I truly shine.

:world_map: Exploration: Dungeons are my forte as I play a lot of RPG games, and what I love about the concepts of dungeons is that, they aren’t really tied to temples and coves (as an example, a city when done in a specific way, can be planned as a dungeon).

What I need from you: Please send me a reply here if you have any questions, or DM me a message here or on discord: 181415995884175360

Answer the following Questions: (DISCLAIMER - MUST BE OVER 18)

1. What is your name? Tell me about yourself

2. Are you new or have you played before?

3. Will you be available to be playing on AEST time? 7 - 8pm Start time SUNDAY - MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION

4. What was the last class you played? What class are you planning to play?

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Hey there, my name’s Theo but I go by Krhonos.
I’m a 21yo French student and I live around Paris.

I’ve never played a game before and don’t even know what or how to play but I’m willing to learn and I do learn fast.

Since 7-8pm in australia is around 10am for me I might be able to join without any difficulties but I will tell you more a bit later on discord when I go home.

As I stated before I’ve never played but I like the Idea of playing a monk (human surely for a first) but not any monk. One that has sever anger issues and I mean SEVERE. I feel like it’d be fun.

Add me on discord so we can talk a bit more about it I need your help :sweat_smile: : @Krhonos5382.

Thanks and have a good day.