FoundryVTT Arms Reach

Environment Details
Foundry VTT Version: 0.8.9
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
How Are You Using Foundry: (Hosted on Forge)
Which Game System: PF2E
Modules Enabled?: yes (including drag-ruler v1.8.2, Libwrapper v1.10.6.0)

Issue Description

“Foundry VTT Arms Reach” v2.0.10, does not show up on Configure Setting but is on Manage Modules. This issues is only happening on the Forge. have not had the same issue from my Desktop download of Foundry with same settings.

A solution says to edit the “settings.db” file for Foundry and delete settings related to “FoundryVTT Arms Reach” then resinstall.

Anyone having and issue with this module?

So, if you’ve gotten help, and they recommend that, you can delete the settings.db by:

Exporting the world → (you may have to export all your worlds)

Go into the .Zip → Into the Data folder.

Delete settings.db

Then re-uploading the world to the Forge, if you have any further issues we can help you further ^^