Foundry VTT setup not loading

This seems to have been resolved now. I’m still investigating what might have caused it, and I’m keeping an eye out for it in case it happens again but it seems to work now again. sorry for the small hiccup! :bowing_man:

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Yep, working for me again!

Yeah seems better now. Thanks for the quick response!

I was having this issue but no longer! Thanks.

I’m having this issue right now.

Hello! It seems we just fixed it, could you try again?

It worked! Thank you!

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I found that clearing my browser’s cache and history solved this problem for me.

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Hi there, I know this thread is old but I thought this might be useful info. I just had the same problem described above, and I solved it by clearing browser cookies.

I’d been trying something out, and had logged in GM in one tab and a player in another tab. I forget exactly the route I took to the blank setup screen, but my theory is that I was viewing the setup screen as a player rather than the GM, with no way to switch user. This may not at all be the way that Forge works and might be nonsense (once a world is closed, there may be no concept of player and GM logins), but me being logged in with multiple players in the same browser leading up to the issue I thought might at least be useful info to share to help track down the problem.

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I have had this issue off and on for months with horrible load in times for a looooong time, And the clearing everything(Cache,History, and Cookies) made it where i was sitting on a grey screen to me watching them being cleared and instantly foundry poppin up to life in an instant. Praise this thread for savin my sanity, it actually had the thing that worked.

currently trying to load in to my campaign and its just showing the foundry logo on top right even the it loaded a couple minutes ago

For anyone else having this issue, go through:

World Size Check and Trouble with Modules

Hi there, in my case deleting the foundry roaming folder did the trick.

As that advice would basically delete the whole Data folder with all the worlds, that is not an advice to give, as it would cause massive loss of data for anyone who tries it. I would therefore recommend not to do that.

Also note that the advice only applies for self hosted Foundry, not for Forge users.

I´m not talking about the appdata local folder but the roaming one. Worlds and app data is stored in local. roaming has configurations and is recreated when the app is launched.

And yes, is for self hosted

Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. The roaming folder is I think basically the electron app’s cache. Clearing the cache/cookies might have done the same thing though I don’t think it’s an option that’s available in the app.

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I’ve been waiting an entire day now for Foundry to get past this screen. Any assistance? I know perhaps the world is big, coming in at 85 MBs, but it has always loaded eventually. I would like it to load, just so I could remove some scenes etc.

Hi Kleistalmighty,
I posted a suggestion over here for you.

Also if you have a discord account, you can join the Forge server where you will most likely get quicker responses as more people (not just mods and staff) look at it and can offer help.

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