Foundry VTT Licenses and different worlds


I am very new here and on Foundry. I do not understand why I can add (and buy) several Foundry VTT licenses. Thanks for your help :)!


Hi and welcome to The Forge!
If you enable the Game Manager feature from your Configuration page (highly recommended!), it will let you manage your worlds in the Forge with one game per world, each with their own URL. Having multiple licenses would then allow you to launch two worlds at the same time.
You can read more about it here and see the video which explains the feature : The Game Manager - Docs - The Forge
I hope that helps!

Thank you for your answer, kakaroto. If I own only one Foundry license, can I use the Game Manager to import my worlds, and have only one active world/server at the time? So I could run 2 or more campaigns, in different universes, but only one world/server would be active at any time.

This would be that for Foundry:
Example 2 (Permitted): Your gaming group plays two ongoing campaigns. You are the game-master for one campaign which meets on Wednesdays; for that campaign you host the Foundry Virtual Tabletop server which is accessible to everyone during the game session. On Saturdays your friend is the game-master and they host the Foundry Virtual Tabletop server using the same (shared) license key. Only one Foundry Virtual Tabletop game server is accessible at any given time. This usage is allowed with a single Foundry Virtual Tabletop license key.

But is that possible with Forge hosted servers?

Hi, yes, that’s definitely possible and it’s why so many people love using The Forge, as with the Game Manager enabled, it will automatically handle switching worlds for you. As long as only one world is active at a time (due to license restrictions from Foundry), you can have as many games as you want, and the Forge will idle unused games and launch Foundry on the new world based on which game is being accessed.
Normally, with Foundry, you would need to manually shutdown/launch the world between each sessions.
Note however, that this feature is meant to make your life easier as a DM but not as a way for sharing accounts or costs, so as long as you’re a participant in both campaigns (either as a player or a DM), then it’s not a problem to do that as per our terms of service.
I hope that helps!

It helps a lot, thank you!

I’ll use Kanka to create the world, and players will have access to some features of the world, at any time. I do not need a server always running.

Thanks again for your answer!