Foundry version

I have been hearing about the next version of Foundry, people saying I should not update or I may even lose my entire games. How should I deal with it within Foundry? Does it update automatically? Will it reinstall it automatically? What should I do?

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You can update manually, but it won’t come to stable till Foundry say it’s an actual Stable release (which usually comes around 0.8.5). So you should be safe unless you’ve changed your options (worth checking).

Even though we do not recommend updating to 0.8.x yet.

Warning: Make backups (export) of your worlds before you update.

If you choose to update manually, you can do so by going to My Foundry then “FoundryVTT version” at the bottom.
If you have the game manager enabled, you go to “Game manager” and choose from there.

Where you can choose to have it automatically update based on APLHA, BETA and STABLE, or choose a specific version.

As of right now, I don’t believe the Forge has 0.8.x yet anyhow.