Foundry doesn't open versions earlier than 0.8.5

Hello, this has been haunting my dreams for the past two and a half hours.
I wanted to use grape-juice’s isometric view and decided to rollback to version 0.7.9, but as it turns out, it simply didn’t open! I messed around and realized that from 0.8.5 and up it worked just fine!

I checked modules, versions, clean cache everything. It ain’t any of that. I even deleted my worlds (yeah!) and it didn’t launch. I have a backup of the only one that’s left but I don’t think it’s the cause.

The problem goes like this:

I hit “Launch Foundry”
It asks for my password, I put it in and it says “Login Successful”
And then it stays on a grey screen, forever.

When I hit F12 I saw an error, here it is:

Screenshot (52)

(Activate Windows lmao)

But yeah, plz help. It seems no one in the history of anything ever has had this problem because I can’t find nothing online.
Thanks in advance.

I believe there was a non-revertable data upgrade from v0.7.x → v0.8.x.

You’d have to make a new world to go back that far. And then there’s a mess around Modules and such for that vs. newer games.

Uninstalling modules and such? Ah, yeah that will take a while. Is there a way to narrow down what module it could be?

You misunderstood, it’s not a Module.

The World you’re using has been on a newer FoundryVTT Version, and thus has had its Data Model upgraded in a way that CAN NOT be reversed (except by restoring a backup).

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Well that’s the thing, I can’t even SEE the world much less join it.

And like I said, I already deleted it too, there’s nothing there really it’s just foundry and not opening. I’m not at the “Join as Gamemaster” screen, I’m not even seeing the “World Select” screen.

Alright fixed it myself.

Went and uninstalled several modules, too many to count and to be able to tell exactly which one was it that broke everything.

It works now, thankfully. So that’s settled. Thanks for the help anyways!

Ah, so what you did then was to not downgrade your Modules when you reverted your FoundryVTT Versions.

Modules have always had version of FoundryVTT they specifically support. Gotta upgrade/downgrade Modules ALWAYS to support that.

Yeah, I tried to but I think I must have had a module that didn’t support the earlier version and it just went Haywire on me.

But again, thanks for the help