Forge VTT Mobile

There are a couple of modules trying to make life easier for those using Foundry VTT on mobile devices. But what I want to know is: can I use a mobile device to use Forge VTT?

A current model iPad with iOS 14.5 or newer is compatible. You need to enable webGL2.0 in advanced Safari settings and have the Touch VTT (or similar) module enabled in your server.

Any idea on what’s needed for Android, Chrome browser? Using a Samsung Tab

A chrome browser should be fine to play Foundry with. Mobiles usually have everything needed, but I am not sure if older works.
Foundry does not support Safari, but it looks like it might be coming when Safari updates.
Anyhow, we’re trying to better the Phone experience for our website.

I don’t suppose I could get some help on this. I am on a 2021 iPad, enabled WebGL2.0, and still having a problem. When I open a character sheet it does not load it up properly and can’t be used to function as a sheet at all.

When I open any type of character’s sheet, regardless if it is a PC sheet or NPC. What it shows is the name of the creature at the top then lists all the symbols and abilities of the creature in one long list.