Forge tells me my Foundry vtt license already in use

Opened a forge account for free some time ago. I was going to change to a paid account but when I entered my foundry vtt code I was told it was already in use. Can I track which account is supposed to be using the code, how do I get around this?

Hi Rodger,

You likely have created two Forge accounts, and added your license to one of the two. I’d recommend you check if you have an account with any of your alternate email addresses (doing a ‘reset password’ on them and checking if you do receive an email, would indicate you have an account under that email address). You might also have signed up using Patreon, so check that as well.
If it all fails, then I would recommend you contact us via email at [email protected] and give details about your account and the license key you’re trying to add.
For obvious security and privacy reasons, we wouldn’t be able to tell you what account/email address has that license key added, but we could send a message to that address on your behalf to help you find which account it is.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

Thank you for that, You should be proud that I have been interested enough in your program to consider it at least three times. I have now signed up for a storyteller and am anticipating the move of my games and their use. Is there any way I can delete the other account?

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Thank you! I am honored by your interest :slight_smile: Also, welcome to The Forge!
If you want to delete the other account, the only way at the moment is to email [email protected] from the email address of the account you want to delete, we’ll then email you back to ask for confirmation as a security measure, then we’ll be able to proceed with the deletion from our side.