Forge/Strype Declining Auto Subscription

So my game has been on auto renew for well over a year now and I’ve had zero issues with it until today apparently. Today was the renewal date and it claims that I missed an invoice despite it being automatic. So I went through and tried to pay the invoice manually and now it’s saying my card is being declined even though it hasn’t expired, and nothing has changed with it since I started using it. This is extremely irregular and does not seem to be a problem on my end.

There is more than enough money in my account, my card hasn’t expired, my account isn’t locked or frozen (I just bought groceries). Even my Patreon subscription stuff renewed, just not Forge.

Hey there @duovandal

The decline might be something coming from your bank’s side, even though the card works in other instances. Usually, declines like that are usually between Stripe and the bank, so I’d still recommend contacting your bank and asking if there was a declined payment and for what reason it was declined, as they might have more information for you. If the bank is not aware of the transaction, please send an email to [email protected] from the email associated with your Forge account with the info you posted here so our account guys can check it for you. They’re currently at PAXU but should return tomorrow