Forge remove hotkey option in module

I’m trying to use the module “Game Player Table” the key componate to being able to use it assigning a hotkey to move the camera of the specified player. When I install the module that option is missing in the Forge. You can see the option here in the standalone Foundry

. But in Forge it’s gone It’s not a different version of the module because there is only one version. Any idea what’s happening?

The module developer is not following the best practices for module development ( and is pointing the download link to his master development branch… so while there is only one “0.0.1” version released, anyone downloading the module will get a different version depending on the day they downloaded it.

When they actually made the 0.0.1 release of the module, that option didn’t exist, so you should think of it as “the hotkey option is not yet released, it’s currently in the development version of the module, and the developer made a mistake so that your standalone foundry downloaded the development version instead of the 0.0.1 version”

According to the commit list, there are 6 commits, so there are basically 6 different versions of the module. The hotkey option was added 4 days after release :

I hope that helps

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You are a saint. But now I’m having trouble install the correct module. I’ve tried unchecking the “use Bazaar” when installing but it still installs the Bazaar version without the hotkey. I’ve double-checked and the .json that I’m installing does have the hotkey.

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out. :grin:

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