Forge LiveKit A/V Client Servers Down?

Upon logging in to my game world to conduct some prep for this evening’s session, I am receiving the following error related to “Error connecting to LiveKit Server: could not establish signal connection: server was not reachable”.

I have attempted the following troubleshooting steps, with no resolution:

Refreshed page
Tried clicking the little slider button to reconnect
Toggled LiveKit A/V Server selection from “The Forge” to “Custom” and back to “The Forge”
Stopped and restarted Forge game Server
Tried different browser (Firefox primary, tried Chrome secondary)
Tried updating to latest Foundry patch (encountered other issues - couldn’t even load scenes, so rolled back to last used Foundry version and restored game world)
Searched forums for bug report
Searched google for error code

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Hey there @robert_hamersly

This issue should have been resolved a few days ago!
Could I please ask you to confirm that you are no longer encountering this?

Thank you kindly!