Forge Down - Cannot Launch Server

Is anyone else having issues? I run a Wednesday game, and last week had massive performance issues, and this week I cannot even launch the server.

What gives, about ready to self-host.

Yeah it’s running extremely slowly for me right now too, and I also run a wednesday game :frowning:

Having the same exact issue,

Ya, I’m having the same issues, last week as well. I’m about to just download my world and self-host

I too, am having issues. Yesterday had problems connecting early in the day, and now the troubles are back, but I just get Internal Service Error.

Seems like it is now working normally for me, hopefully it stays that way!

Same issue here. Our game is at 7 pm CST and we only get to play 4 weeks before having to take off for 5 weeks due to work scheduling. This is not the first time this has happened and I am beginning to seriously consider switching to another service.

just a bunch of 503’s and 524’s on my end. concerned at the lack of general communication other than ‘jump on the discord’
may the server load be ever in your favor.

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Having the same performance problems

Extremely frustrating. Was session 101 for us tonight, penultimate battle against the aboleth lord that has been hounding the players forever. There had to be system/event messages going on today. I logged in EST afternoon to do some more last minute prep and it was acting odd then. By 7pm est tonight it was a complete mess. I pay for the best tier. I optimize all of my extensive files and scenes. I put in the work so that this hobby will go smoothly for my very busy players. I expect the same of my selected hosting provider.

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Hi everyone,

We apologize for the service interruption experienced roughly 12 hours ago. We understand that it was immensely frustrating, and we’re working hard to resolve the issues once and for all. We will be posting a detailed explanation and postmortem of the incident on our blog as soon as time allows.

We invite you to subscribe to the #announcements channel of The Forge’s Discord server to stay up to date with the latest announcements and service messages.


Thanks for the information. My group was playing last night (6 to 9 CT) and we had intermittent issues all night with connections. Though it was frustrating it is good to see you all digging into this and I hope you find a solution to the issues we have been seeing in recent days. Good luck and hope to hear that you have found the root issue and have a resolution soon

Thanks for the update today. Appreciate the solid followups on Discord. Hope you can get to the real root cause. We made the best of it and caught up on some old times as a group.

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Sadly the Forge isn’t what it used to be. Not sure if it’s just due to too many users stressing the servers or what but it became unreliable and unplayable for me. Maybe my game just happens to be at a peak busy period or my geographic location on the west coast is hurting me.

I also run a Wednesday game and after weeks of not being able to play because of server issues or incredible slowness where the world wouldn’t even load despite total storage being within reasonable amounts for a larger world, I switched months ago to a different free server solution and everything has actually been running faster and smoother. Highly recommend looking at other options if you are unlucky enough to also start to experience constant issues with Forge like I did.